The Longest Sentences

The conversion from three dimensional work of art to two dimensional photograph masks the paper, clay, and wood’s textures, allowing the shading and precise shapes to shine through.

According to the orchestra’s webpage, these month-long residencies involve a mix of educational events — master classes and side by side performance with local school districts, for example — and community-building concerts that display classical programs in a more casual setting.

Except for a brief period in middle school in which I would put on Sufjan Stevens and force myself to think of small midwestern homes in the rain and going to the supermarket when it’s 4pm and already dark.

Lately the question that has really been nagging me is this: Why is it that in the US, arts conservatories are some of the most expensive schools in the nation, but when it comes to paying those artists a livable wage after the fact, our country turns a big fat cold shoulder?

Mindy and the other women in the room rightfully disagree with Danny and they were all made uncomfortable by his comment — they could have called him out about his unfeminist actions and he could have learned what he did wrong.

The very end of the song is its climax: Papista brings her vocals up into a much higher range and yells them out: “someday I swear I will stay in your mind forever / then you’ll know, you’ll know, how to write and praise my / Modern Girlhood” and “then you’ll know, you’ll teach, you’ll fight for your own / Modern Girlhood.


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