Assignments and Grading


Portfolio of Genres  40%

Three summaries of three works of art. 250 words each.

Write a review of something that has been released or performed in the past week or two. 800 words.

Trend Piece
Write a piece on a recent trend in your “beat” (i.e. novels about bad mothers; albums using ukuleles) 1000-1500 words.

Write a profile of an artist in your “beat.” 1500-2000 words.

Think Piece/Essay
Write an essay that could also be called arts writing. Examples would be an homage to a favorite artist, a  think-piece  about a current or past group of artists, etc. 1500-3000 words.

All five pieces are due by Spring Break. You may submit pieces to me earlier for feedback on a rolling deadline.* Please submit your portfolio in one container, be it a website or a hard copy folder, on the due date. 

*I prefer that you post your drafts to this website, so your classmates can read them and  provide feedback, but I will also accept emailed submissions. Please PASTE your draft into the body of an email and send to

Blog: 40%

In the second module,  you will publish a blog on one particular area of the arts. You will post three times per week until the end of the semester. 2 weekly posts should be between 300-800 words; one should be 800-1200 words. You will present your blog for in-class workshop.

I will grade the blog based on posts during second module.


Comments, Workshop Feedback

Participate regularly in all class sessions, including during workshops; respond frequently to classmate’s drafts and blog posts.  Be responsible for leading the discussion of one of your classmate’s blog workshops. 20(5% for discussion leading) 


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