Tentative Schedule (additional readings tba)

Feb 3 Introduction


Feb 10 Discussion of readings:

–Arts & Culture Reader, pages 1-64

–Student and Professional examples of each genre
Student example, review: Nova
Professional example, review: Outline
Student example, profile: Aaron Dilloways’ Wall of Noise
Professional example, profile “Frank Sinatra Has A Cold
Professional example trend piece: Why Authors Tweet
Student example, trend piece: Speed Reading
Professional example, essay Among the Disrupted
Student example, trend piece/essay: Lego

Feb 12 Discussion of summaries

Due: three 250 word descriptions/summaries of something released/performed first in 2015; no more than one from each category 1.) movie, television show, album or song; 2.) concert or play;  3.) book, poem, short story or essay; 4.) painting, sculpture, drawing, print

Feb 17  Discussion of reading: Updike’s Rules for Constructive Criticism ; Anthony Lane on The Imitation Game; Daniel Mendelsohn on The Mad Men Account; Alex Ross on John Adams; Kathryn Schultz on The Sixth Extintion ; Rebecca Onion on Laura Ingalls Wilder plus at least three shorter (800 words or so) reviews in Slate, Salon, New York Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Oberlin Review, Pitchfork, Rotten Tomatoes, or another online venue

Feb 19 Review workshop: Julia, Remy, Vida

Feb 24 Discussion of reading: trend pieces: Totally Obsessed by Willa Paskin; How To Live Without Irony by Christy Wampole; Zombies on the Wall by Jerry Saltz; Hipster Ice Cubes (for a very recent, classic trend piece example). And this one, from 2006!  (and if you decide to invent a trend…this one on trend inventing.

Feb 26 Trend workshop: Nora, Monica, Eliana

March 3 Discussion of readings: essay. Smuggler by Phillip Kennicott; On Loving Literature by William Giraldi

March 5 Essay workshop:  Madeline, Mike

March 10 Discussion of readings: profile On George Saunders; on Harry Belafonte on Lena Dunham;

March 12 NO CLASS

March 17 Profile workshop (3 students workshopped)

March 19 Planning your blog/Portfolios due


March 31 Blog show and tell

April 2 Blog show and tell

April 7  blog workshop

April 9 blog workshop

April 14 blog workshop

April 16 blog workshop

April 21 blog workshop

April 23 blog workshop

April 28 blog workshop

April 30 blog workshop

May 5 blog workshop


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